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  • iOConnector Plus for Windows

    iOConnector Plus for Windows

    moveinCloud.com, a leading provider of solutions for mobile computing, presents iOConnector

    iOConnector aims at Companies that want to automate data exchange with the sales force  that use iOrder or iCatalog, industry leaders Apps, developed for iPhone and iPad.

    The winning combination of solutions moveinCloud.com enables companies to simplify and automate the process of collecting orders.
    In this way the sales force is free to focus on the customer and the Company automates order entry, update personal data and communications.

    iOConnector is developed thanks to the powerful Framework Microsoft. Net 4.0 and with the latest software technologies.

    Everything under control
    iOConnector is installed at your company, your data is safe from prying eyes. Your are the only one who decide with who synchronize.

    Data Entry
    Manage your company data directly in iOConnector Plus, and manage the data provided by your devices. You won't need to export those in your ERP.

    You can manage your customers, your products or your suppliers directly in iOConnector Plus and exchange these informations with your devices.

    Update your data importing them from your ERP using the CSV standard.

    iOConnector exchanges data with any management software and ERP thanks to the support of CSV and XML standards.
    Free your company from the complex processes of inclusion and update data, iOConnector will think about it.

    Built on Your Business
    iOConnector can handle from small companies that operate with a single sales agent to the most complex sales networks.
    You can customize the license iOConnector adding all the devices with which the Company must exchange data.

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    Starting at: €480.00